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The Bardeche family was one of three families that settled in the region in the early part of the 17th century.

Around 1640 the first part of “Au Bardeche” was built, consisting of a living area, a barn for livestock and a room for the farm-tools. This now forms the “cuisine” area of the house with the Kitchen, dining room (the ”guild hall”) and the outside covered eating facilities (our wonderful summer kitchen)

Prune production has for a long period of time been the main source of income for the family, as the plum orchard witness. Some 8.000 m2 of this orchard is part of the present “Bardeche”, and is being farmed by our neighbour to the north.

The house has been expanded at least three times, and found it’s present form around 1850. On the 19 Th of February 1875, Hipplyte Bertrand wrote his name in the wet plaster upstairs on the central chimney, documenting that he on that date had completed the work. (click on image to see the wet plaster)

The property was kept in the Bardeche family until 1972, when the last member of the family passed away. He never married and thus became the last one of this branch of the French Bardeche’es.

When bought by TORCON as in 1999, the house had been more or less uninhabited for a long period, and it was apparent that little or no maintenance had been performed for at least 30 years. Ours became the task to “rebuild” the house from the ground and up. We thought it crucial that the former “grandeur” be maintained with as much as possible of the original French architectural charm, structure and built- in qualities. We also needed to bring it up to to-days technical standard and with the added comforts of modern living.

Of major construction was to replace the old roof with a new and insulated one, keeping the old roof tiles. Establish the atrium and the new library/hall in what had been the production area and convert the old ”hay-loft” into three spacious bedrooms. In doing so, we employed a local architect with respect for tradition and past building practise, and, having employed competent local contractors to do the work, we believe we have achieved most of the goals we set at the beginning.

We are confident that our guests will enjoy the house as much as we do, and that it will provide a comfortable and pleasant base from which to explore this beautiful “undiscovered” region of France with it’s friendly people, it’s many interesting historic sites, it’s fresh farm products and excellent local wines.

This is the France that we have come to love, where we have found tranquility and peace and is what we consider as being the “best part” of the world.

We welcome you to “Aux Bardeches”

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